Daniel Linton-France


Born in Sydney, Australia.

Studies in Salzburg, Austria ( Piano performance und conducting)

Currently working as a "Kapellmeister" at the opera house in Linz, Upper Austria.

My first attempt to compose , was an over ambitious Requiem, which incomplete, has found a better life in the recycling bin.

Adolescence was spent trying to get over, around, under etc. Stravinsky.

Every now and again music for theatre projects as a student in europe.

Church music for ....... Church choirs.

Music for friends and colleagues and myself.

Compositions, in order to understand the compositions of others.

Not worried about using the recipes of others, replacing missing ingredients with other ingredients or just throwing in my own herbs and spices.

So gradually i will be typing in old and new pieces and will present them on Musicaneo.

I hope you enjoy,



03 August 2012, Article
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